Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Life Story in Three Parts

I haven't posted on this blog lately because I've been working on three stand alone pages that tell my life story so far. These pages can be found at the top of this blog. I am writing them from three angles, if  you will, viewing my life. These pages are to provide background and context for things I mean to write about in the future.

"The Outside Story" is an abridged version of my life story from the perspective of me Eliana, the host and original/core self of my collective mind. The "Inside Story" is the same story but from the integrated perspective of my inside parts who lived the abuse that I was amnesic to. The "Spiritual Story" is forthcoming and tells the story of our spiritual journey which in truth is the most important journey of all and gives me the sense of purpose I have that drives me on. Currently I am finished with the first two which can be read by linking on them at the top of this blog or here:

The Outside Story

The Inside Story


unwelcome ozian said...

Keep writing. You've been too quiet for too long. People need to read what you have to share.

colie watson said...

I can't figure out how to follow you so I'll ask here, do you have a book out yet? Feel free to contact me and reach out. Please.

colie watson said...

I'm still trying to figure this website out. I'll come back later, going to go to bed now. I'll leave this here just in case my last comment did not go through.