Friday, August 10, 2012

The Myth Of The Illuminati

I've been meaning to write about my changing views regarding conspiracy theories concerning the Illuminati. Of course, my main realm of experience is with ritual abuse and organized mind control, so I will mainly stick with those aspects of this topic.

One thing I have come to understand through my recovery from all of the abuse I have endured over the years,  is that  memories and deliberate programming of my mind exist in layers. As I have processed through each layer, my clarity about what actually happened to me throughout my life improves. I have had to construct "working theories" at various times to help me understand the story of my life, So much has been hidden from me, and I have been deliberately deceived and misled by many people throughout my life and recovery. At this point  I feel the clearest and most certain that my current "working theory" of the story of the hidden side of my life is more correct than ever before. I credit my ability to achieve this level of clarity with having confronted and dismantled a key part of my programming. This programming may be referred to as Illuminati programming and I now have a radical new view about what this programming is really about.

Those who are well versed in the conspiracy theory material easily found online, and have read much of what is available on the subjects of ritual abuse and mind control you will find a consistent thread that runs through most of the stories that goes as follows:

The Illuminati are a powerful international group comprised of the world's most influential people who control the world around us from behind the scenes. They are said to craft or influence everything of importance from the laws our government makes, to the things our children learn in school, to what is taught in our churches. They are said to be unified in their dream to bring about the New World Order, aka a one world government. It is said that they believe in ancient pagan religions going as far back as Babylon, and secretly pass on these beliefs and associated practices from generation to generation. Where ritual abuse and mind control are concerned, it is said that the Illuminati have a practice of deliberately creating DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) in its members from the time they are infants, or even while they are fetuses. They meticulously sculpt the group members' many alter identities to become fully functional automatons, serving the group's agenda completely, throughout their entire life.

I wrote about this process in an article for this blog in 2006 called The Illuminati's Biggest Secret. I wrote this article when I was in the beginning of my process of recovery from the ritual abuse and mind control, but I can now safely say that at that time I was still very much speaking out of this particular kind of programming . But there was a bigger secret, or a deeper layer, that I believe I have figured out since then. This may surprise those who are well versed in Illuminati lore.

First, let me say that I do not deny that there are secret cult groups who practice various forms of esoteric belief systems. I also know that many of these secret groups do practice ritual abuse of children, deliberate creation and sculpting of DID, and various forms of mind control. I do not deny that there are many groups who are pursuing their dream of a one world government. But I have come to believe that Illuminati programming is not carried out by The Illuminati. I now believe that it is carried out by criminal and unethical elements within the U.S. Government. I have come to believe that the myth of the Illuminati is the mask the perpetrators of mind control hide behind. They also use it as a rallying point, or a homing beacon for the purpose of finding, tracking, and doing damage control on their victims should they ever start to remember this abuse. Another goal of maintaining this legend would be to disseminate disinformation to a curious public, but that is another subject entirely.

Please remember that the mind stores memories of abuse and programming in layers as the person progresses throughout life. The people who are experienced in the construction and organization of these alter systems take advantage of that fact. When the person begins to get glimpses of what happened to them, mainly the memories of organized group abuse, the first layer of programming kicks in to protect the rest. I now believe that some perpetrators of mind control have constructed a programming layer they installed within some victims at the very top layer of their system, right below the amnesic barrier which is supposed to keep them from remembering anything about this at all. If the victims who have this programming get beyond the amnesia barrier, the Illuminati programming will kick in and all memories they retrieve thereafter will be contained within this context. So one will start remembering, say, local cult ritual abuse of their childhood, but the Illuminati programming will tell them that the name of the group and the true identity of their family are Illuminati. If they are a very inquisitive sort, they will read books,  get online, or get in contact with "experts". Many of these sources  will be more than happy to spin their new recollections to fit within the myth of the Illuminati as it is taught by these various sources. Some of these sources are knowingly deceiving others and some are simply deceived and passing on what they believe to be true.

One may ask, "Why go to all of the trouble to do this?"  The first and most important reason is that the original (and possibly current) abusers of the victim do not ever want them discovering the truth of their memories, and of the people who harmed them. I surmise that another important reason this is done is so that when a victim starts to remember there is a ready-made community of experts and supporters right there to "help" them make sense of their memories and "assist" in their recovery. The community who subscribes to these beliefs is not mainstream, so this further functions to keep the victim isolated within a small sub-culture where they can be easily monitored and reintegrated into the mind control group network. It also keeps them discredited in the eyes of mainstream society. This has the bonus effect of keeping these crimes hidden, keeping skepticism active in the listener of the person's story, and the perpetrators free from prosecution. An expert "helper" or counselor/rescuer will often soon show up to walk this very confused and terrified person through their memories and recovery process. The thing is, if this "helper" is part of an existing MC network, what they will do is spin every newly forming recollection to fit the Illuminati lore. In effect,  a fresh layer of programming, is being constructed. Now the survivor is passing on their "history" to another generation of open-minded people and the disinformation continues, as may the slavery behind the scenes.

The other reason this mythology works well for creating illusory programming in a victim is that it is rife with all of the devices one would need to program a person to believe that there is no way they can ever be free. The big messages that come with this programming can be summed up with the picture of the all-seeing eye. The embedded messages that are inherent in this programming are things like:

We are everywhere.                
We control everything.
We see and know everything you do.
There is no where you can run where we aren't in control.

This keeps victims subject to this programming very isolated and suspicious of everyone around them for fear that everyone  may be "one of Them". This can keep them from going to law enforcement if they continue to be abused,  keep them from going to the doctor or the dentist, or seeking a healthy and nurturing community to belong to, or even to make friends or trust their own spouse or children. Most of all, it keeps them going to the same "experts" for answers; experts who manage their perceptions to continually feed this programming.

Is it any accident that so many key, visible figures within the conspiracy theory community turn out to be "former" government agents from various alphabet soup agencies? I think not. I also do not think they are "former" agents. What this amounts to is psychological warfare of the most cunning type and an effective "fox-guarding-the-hen-house" operation.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the memories of survivors of mind control are false. I am only saying they are often muddied and distorted to hide the real truth, that is unless they keep going. To the survivors out there who believe you grew up in an Illuminati family because you have memories of ritual abuse and a supposed "Illuminati" last name, among other things you have been taught. I also suspect that there are some occult groups calling themselves the Illuminati, but are just as limited as every other crime and abuse group.

Don't take my word for it. Keep going. Don't be satisfied with the level of truth you have now. Listen deep inside. Let the parts who endured the abuse speak for themselves. Trust your inner wisdom and not some self-appointed expert. Only trust those who have proven themselves trustworthy over time. Keep going.

Now let me tell you the picture of the world of human slavery and mind control as I have come to see it:

I believe that what we are dealing with out there is not some unified, all powerful group. What we are dealing with is a variety of exploitative groups with various goals, cooperating at times with one another to meet those goals. Some of these groups are research oriented, some are espionage oriented, some are criminal occult groups, or deviant cults. Others are groups who create and distribute illegal pornography, or run human trafficking operations. The list goes on.

I also know that programmed multiples are a valuable commodity to all of these groups. A person like this offers them a slave who not only doesn't have to be paid to do dirty work, but who can be made to do it and then never remember that it happened. And the original programmers of the individual reassure their client buyers and leasers that they are fully capable of managing this person's mind in order that they will never remember the truth and that these people can be safe from any prosecution. Sadly, this is usually the case.

Before you disregard all that I am saying here consider this:  I am one who has kept going. I am one who has broken out of this illusory management of my mind and my newly returning memories; management that did not benefit me in the least, but benefited my old and new controllers alike. While this management and spin game was going on I always had parts of myself telling me that the way these new memories were being contextualized, and the strategies I was following for "healing" were only sending me into a maze of illusion and decoys. I found that the alters who were guiding me, who were determined to break out of the control, once and for all, were right. I have more clarity now than ever before and the story around how I became subjected to ritual abuse and mind control is now becoming much more clear, and it makes sense with what I have always known about my family and the community around them.

I welcome challenges from those who truly believe that The Illuminati, as portrayed in most available writings, is alive and well. I only want to hear from those with first hand knowledge of this fact, not those who have read about them only. Make your case to me as to how you know that it is The Illuminati who have harmed you through the years. I want to listen and I am never finished learning.

I wish you all truth.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new outlook, and website look! What a clear awareness you now have. Just came off of a conference and what I really loved was the reminder that these are people who are abusing children with high IQs. We are not only smarter than they are, we are now grown up. Thanks for always searching, and sharing what you have learnt. I KNOW you are touching many with your healing journey.


I loved your blog Eliana. The research and expression were stellar. Especially on such an intense and sensitive subject as the Illuminati.
Thanks so much. TONY.

Eliana Hephzibah said...

Thank you much, Tony!

Anonymous said...

Good writing. I agree. In my opinion, it takes a willingness to hear facts/opinions as well as employing some sense to arrive at the ever-unfolding truth. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Although the US government is indeed involved, that does not mean it is the only one. I have lived in 10 different countries, only to see the same thing happen with local people, time and time again. It's the global elite, via the masonic lodges, who are doing this. I agree, "The Illuminati" is some fantastical storybook explanation, but in the sense of the 13 families, described by Springmeier, it's pretty much correct.

I wrote my testimony at if you would like to read it.

Thank you for your story and your bravery. Our words will outlive us, and our accounts are indeed damaging.

Eliana Hephzibah said...

Hi Mysterymonarch, I've been looking at your tumblr and don't see a message option. I was very intrigued about your research into the druids and labyrinths with cells. That has very personal significance to me. If you feel safe I'd appreciate an email:

Eliana Hephzibah said...

MM, reading more of your blog, I'd love to compare notes. You seem to have a wealth of experience and insight.