Thursday, November 10, 2011


I used to avoid anything to do with butterflies because of reading about "Monarch Programming". But now I am skeptical that any programming method goes by this name as the source of this name is not a credible one and can't be found anywhere else. There are several authors who talk about this programming, but I believe all of them get their source material from Fritz Springmeiger who can't be considered a credible source. If anyone has any other material that shows that programming by this name actually exists, please let me know.


Simon Baush said...

Hi Eliana, i have the two books from Fritz and i have always thought of him as credible. What author do you recommend?

Eliana Hephzibah said...

Hi Simon, Thanks for visiting. I don't believe that Fritz is credible, but rather a source of disinformation. Some of his info can be trusted, but how can we know which is which? I believe that he is part of a covert government mind control operation to snatch up newly remembering survivors and spin all of their emerging memories to fit their agenda. I've seen it again and again and it even happened to me when I was getting out.

When you ask what books I would recommend, I am not sure on what topic. Are you talking about how DID operates, or the covert mind control programs the government conducts, or ritual abuse?

For reading on these topics I would start with Neil Brick's extensive website:

Try listening to survivor's stories and therapists at my podcast site:

Also, I think Colin Ross' books on Project Bluebird and others are good sources.

John DeCamp's Franklin Cover-Up is a must read for anyone wanting to get a glimpse of how the Network operates.

It shows the interdependence of all underground groups including ritual abuse cults, pornographers, sexual traffickers, government mind control groups and others.

The best book I ever read which shows most clearly the process of dissociation and how it develops and the psychological continuum of pathology that comes from it is Stranger In The Mirror, by Marlene Steinberg. That book changed my life forever:

Simon Baush said...

Now this is weird.. I've always thought the opposite about Fritz and Colin Ross, wondering how could Colin be writting and selling books all over the place in broad daylight when Fritz hardly made a living and was eventually framed and put to jail for 7 years.

Still, I totally agree that disinformation is all around and it's very hard to tell who's who.

I've read two victims' accounts so far, 'Reflection in the night' by Mauri
and also 'Unshackled' by Kathleen Sullivan.
In email Mauri told me that Fritz was 'right on the money' with his books. Don't get me wrong, I can't tell whether he is legit. I emailed him (Fritz) a couple of times when he was released from jail. He later appeared on the Alex Jones show, which was very disapointing if you consider that Jones is nothing but a fear-monger BS artist with direct ties to masonry and the Jesuits. John DeCamp also has some questionable ties with Jones and Ted Gunderson.

Anyway, I will definetly check Neil's website and your podcast.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Eliana Hephzibah said...

All I know is that disinformation is everywhere and much of the conspiracy theory community is fueled and maintained by the very sharks who perpetrate the crimes of ritual abuse and mind control. I also believe that victims are programmed deliberately with heavy beliefs in the Illuminati, in order to keep them contained outside of the main stream of society and discredited, AND in relationship with the very network who is abusing them, or has abused them. This is why I shy away from that community and try to stick with sources who can facilitate my healing process. I mean to write more about my changing views on The Illuminati.

Jenna Potter said...

Wendy Hoffman describes monarch programming in one of her books, I think it's the second one.