Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is a representation of a recurring dream I have. The dream always involves forgotten cats and kittens in someone's basement. I am always trying to rescue them and take them home and I am always worried that my husband won't like it if I bring them home and I worry about how I will care for them. My suspicion if that the cats and kittens are symbolic of my lost, split off selves. I think my mind chose this symbol because I love and can bond with cats. Its my inside people's way of getting me to care about them and be motivated to save them.

The Wise Virgin

I wait for you, my Master.... I wait.
I keep my lamp lit through the darkness of this world
The light in my lamp reminds me that there is hope
Preserve my chastity, Master, while I wait
Tears dry in time
For abundance of sorrow my hope fades and my oil dwindles
Fill my lamp, O sovereign One
Light my flame
Give me patience to wait... and to stay wise.


I used to avoid anything to do with butterflies because of reading about "Monarch Programming". But now I am skeptical that any programming method goes by this name as the source of this name is not a credible one and can't be found anywhere else. There are several authors who talk about this programming, but I believe all of them get their source material from Fritz Springmeiger who can't be considered a credible source. If anyone has any other material that shows that programming by this name actually exists, please let me know.

Sunday, November 06, 2011



Doors by elianahephzibah on

I feel surrounded by closed doors most of the time. I know the parts of myself that doors are closed most securely to. The trouble is, I can't be whole or put the past where it belongs when memories and parts of me are in suspended animation behind these doors. In front of groups of doors inside there is always a guardian that keeps things secure for me.