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Internal Hierarchy Borders

Internal Hierarchy Borders

Internal Hierarchy Borders by elianahephzibah on polyvore

When a person has been subjected to formal, deliberate, and standardized mind control programming practiced by the US government intelligence black projects and others, their system of alter groups are organized according to color. In fact if a DID person expressed their interior persons in terms of groupings according to color, I would consider that diagnostic of this kind of mind control having been a part of their background story, whether they know it or not.

Anyway, my internal systems seem to be organized according to color as shown above. There is a hierarchy in the color groups according to importance and divisions according to jobs of alters who are classified this way.

Purple: Most important group inside and the most secrets exist here. It is a special, royal, and highly spiritual grouping. These are the parts inside who are highly prized by the government perpetrators, and occult groups. This is a deep system, difficult to access. It holds cosmic understanding and many here don't perceive that they even inhabit a body.

Blue: Also a spiritual system, and one who houses emotions and harnessed creativity used by the perpetrators in the past. This is also a system who was tied to our parents. They have answered to them in the past and were the first ones to break through into my consciousness to let me know about my hidden past. They now answer to the Original Self completely. These parts are very connected to the structure of our internal systems and their landscape. The original parts who are closest to host/original self are kept here. They are depicted with tree branches because other parts and systems branch from them. They hold the most occult and ritual knowledge and activity. This is an easier system to access and who operates directly behind me (the host self). So they are well versed in my ordinary life and can double as me if they choose. They can operate in everyday life in most extents, having ordinary skills such as driving, making phone calls, or mailing things. Many hear have become my internal counselors telling me what is safe and unsafe.

Green: I call this the techie system. It houses parts who are well known to my original programmers who are from the US government: intelligence sector. These parts know about the internal mechanics of the systems and who originally rarely interacted with the outside world unless called to do so and that would be when talking with government handlers. This system has housed parts heavily programmed to be reporters and messengers. They fear torture most of all. These parts are intelligence operatives who have defected to the side of the Original Self. Some of them have become internal counselors. These parts have begun to interact with everyday life in the last few years and can be very paranoid of the intentions of others. They hate the US military and the US government with a passion and carry most of the righteous rage over how we were used and how all of this is covered up and the injustice of having to live with this reality in ourselves. 

Red: This is the system of horror. The worst things and the lowliest parts inside are contained here. These are the alters of deviant sex and blood. They have seen it all. Things most people can never imagine, they have witnessed. They are prized by the lowly human trafficking network who makes money off of porn and prostitution. They were used in the worst kind of things that even the worst scumbag porn stars would not do no matter how much money they were offered. In the last year these parts have started to surface and I suspect it has much to do with my debilitated physical condition. I have had to suppress their emergence quite a bit because of the physical illness. What a quandry: they cause illness which makes it impossible to deal with their memories, yet if I don't I will remain ill? Not sure where all of this is coming from right now. It is kind of off the top of my head thinking. I don't know how I will process all that is contained here. I perceive it as a poisonous bomb inside; as a cancer. They are also housed deep within, normally.

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