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The Emerald Serpent

The Emerald Serpent

The Emerald Serpent by elianahephzibah on

I've been trying to come up with a way to portray this literally for years. I think I've finally gotten it right.

This set depicts a memory of a ritual trial I had to undergo during the adolescent years. It was in a Greek temple setting and involved Green Mamba venomous snakes. The object of the trial was to completely control one's bodily fear responses, right down to breathing and sweating.  

It was in a circular temple with a long marble slab in the center with a rounded pit at one end. The pit contained many  agitated vipers. Before the trial, a viper was removed by the candidate and killed on the slab. Its blood was spread over the slab and then the candidate had to lie down on her back on the slab. At that point vipers were placed on top of the candidate one at a time for a total of seven. The candidate must control all bodily expressions of fear in order to avoid being bitten. 

I failed. When the snakes began to go underneath my body and neck to get warm, I began to shake and cry. This caused me to get bitten at least once. I went into respiratory and cardiac arrest and left my body as the sounds of the alarmed adults faded into the background and I floated up and out of my body. 

A great calm and peace came over me as I was now free. No one could ever hurt me again. I spiraled up, up, up and then stopped, as if being suspended by an invisible hand. Then  a voice told me that it was not time. I had to return. All of a sudden I was back. I thought I was in my body and realized that someone was about to shock me with defibrillator paddles. I remember thinking, "No, you don't have to do that. I'm back." The shock came and I realized that I was not back in my body as I slammed back into it and all of the pain rushed in at me. They had a mask and breathing bag breathing for me as I could not breathe. I was rushed out of there and into a hospital.  

I have no idea how the fact of this envenomation was covered up, but I know that this ritual took place in another state, among some very powerful people, so I assume there were ways to cover it up. 

How do I know this actually happened? I feel more confident about this memory than most of my returned memories because when I relived this and journaled the whole thing out, I described in minute detail exactly what I experienced (extreme, burning pain through my whole body; foaming of the mouth, inability to breathe or swallow, very small wound), and I described the snakes in detail. At the time I had no idea what kind of snakes these were and after doing an internet search found out that they were West African Green Mambas. I also read about the symptoms of envenomatoin and I had described it completely accurately. I also could not imagine the extreme pain I felt as I relived this incident. 

Over the next three days when I was in and out of consciousness, I had amazing encounters with Jesus where I was shown the betrayal in the garden and the White Throne Judgement of  Satan in the future. It was then that I was given the choice to live or die. I chose to live because I wanted to have a hand in destroying the Dragon. Jesus had shown me how the Dragon was ultimately responsible for the extreme suffering I had endured my whole life and I wanted to fight, so I came back.

This experience was deeply personal and has left deep marks on my whole life and it is difficult to share it here, so I ask that readers respect how deep and personal this is if they feel skeptical. Respectful questions are welcome. 

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This is such a powerful picture of what they do and how your experience is going to help others