Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Woe To You, O Kansas!

Woe to you, O Kansas
I know your deeds
It will go better for Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgement than it will for you.

You clean the outside of the cup, but inside you are a whitened sepulcher, full of dead men's bones and decay.
Your polished words and fake smiles won't fool anyone anymore.
Behold, judgement is coming!

Furious angels, their wings outspread,
fly swiftly to bring freedom to the captives
To make the blind see and seeing eyes blind
Scores of eyes have seen all that you have done and you will not escape.

I will leave that place, Kansas
I will go forth with the Light of Knowledge and Truth raised high. The Secrets will be revealed on Earth, as they are in Heaven.

The Alpha and Omega rides swiftly to bring me hence and I will cry no more.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Space Between

The Rabbit Hole connects left to right. The rainbow is the bridge you cross to get from one side to another.
Being inside the rabbit hole is like being inside insanity itself. It is pure hell and you can't get out fast enough.
Will we have to go back through if we move to the center, from which all things originated?

Walk on the Right

The right side is far more attractive than the left, its true. This is where the highest developed alter selves live. They see themselves as far removed from abuse, as every unpleasant thing they have endured, seen, or done is rationalized by dogma.

This is where the programming is expressed and roles held. I've spent far more time traversing this side, simply because it is more interesting. On this side I am special.. a princess even. On this side, I matter. But for what purpose? We have begun to ask.
Do we exist on this side for ourselves? Was this what we chose, or did others choose for us? What now?
Is all that we know a lie.... an illusion? What was real? What was a trick? We feel we must have answers before we abandon this place.

Walk on the Left Side

The left side is where we were not special... we were just convenient. We were smart...enough... We wanted to matter and everything in this world screamed that we didn't. We were a rag doll to be thrown in the corner... and picked up when some practical use was conceived for us.

The Left Side knew... they always knew. They refused to be totally silenced. They bore the pain so the rest could live an illusion.

Robbed.... robbed of our identity. Robbed of our memory... robbed of everything. Why? Was I that ugly?... or was I that pretty? No, not pretty... little... dirty... bad... Worthy of BAD attention. Only worthy of fake specialness.. illusion.