Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Story Behind The Stories

Genesis to Revelation is the continuing story of humankind's birthright, which he was tricked into relinquishing, and the Valiant God who through love has orchestrated a grand plan to win it back for us. The Evil One who offered humankind Knowledge on a grand scale (explicit), in exchange for their partnership with him (implicit), had launched a plan of outright rebellion before humans even existed. For some reason I don't understand, God allowed this evil being to roam the Earth and deceive our first parents. But, nonetheless, God has orchestrated a program of redemption for us that is progressive, moving through the ages and eras.
Throughout all of history, God's plan has prevailed, but not without fierce resistance from the Evil One and all people he manages to convince that he is the true god. He has been orchestrating his campaign of evil against God's plan and God's people since time began in order to usurp Yahweh's rightful position as the One and only Almighty.

This story is The Story behind All Stories. This is the context for all that happens on planet earth. We are caught in the crossfires. We are the Prize that both kingdoms fight for. But the difference is the people of God have to willingly choose him without coercion, while Satan will use any means at his disposal to capture souls and hold them captive. He takes his prisoners by force and trickery.

The overarching plot in the heavens has spawned conspiracies throughout the ages from which evil empires have arisen over and over again. Jesus called Satan "Prince of this world", and Paul called him the "God of this world". So God has granted him ability to tempt and deal with humanity and they buy his promises.

Throughout history there have been efforts to conquer and rule the world starting with the first empire under Nimrod. After that have come the Greeks, the Romans, the Spanish, the British, the Germans, Russians, and some may say, the Americans among many others. But until this day and age, technology had not advanced enough to allow for one body of men to rule the entire globe. In times past, they had to settle for ruling limited geographical areas. But now, with the internet, the world bank, the UN, and English spoken the world over, it is finally possible for the whole world to be brought together, all fueled by a questionable environmental crisis to cause fear to motivate the whole of the earth to join hands.

Consider this business card that was passed out door to door today in our neighborhood by the Bahai people who talked to my husband. This is what it says:

One God
The Oneness of mankind
Independent investigation of truth
The common foundation of all religions
The essential harmony of science and religion
The equality of men and women
The elimination of prejudice of all kinds
Universal compulsory education
A spiritual solution of the economic problem
A universal auxiliary language
Universal peace upheld by a world government (emphasis mine)

This use to be a hidden conspiracy. It is that no longer. It is coming out into the open for all to see. This is not a conspiracy. It is happening before our very eyes.

But I want to choose how to respond, and not respond with fear. I look at it with excitement because I know that this all means that Jesus Christ in flesh and blood is coming very soon. He promised he would return and every eye would see him, even those who pierced him. We will soon see him face to face and in our living bodies! Think of it!  We are alive in arguably the most critical time in the whole of all human history. We may be the generation to see him return and to see Satan and his followers vanquished forever.  Don't worry, whatever comes, God has his hand of protection on us if we trust in him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! It is true...
This has been in the forefront of my mind for a year now. Praise God I came to accept Jesus Christ fully and reject the devil's lies. I was deceived in the past. I trust God with all my heart and am not afraid, although I am sickened by the deception everywhere.
You might enjoy "A View from Space" on AM640 Toronto. It's a fantastic radio program with The Spaceman. He talks all about what this post is about. You can hear it over the internet, streaming audio.

Eliana Hephzibah said...

Thank you. I'll check out the radio show.