Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Story Behind The Stories

Genesis to Revelation is the continuing story of humankind's birthright, which he was tricked into relinquishing, and the Valiant God who through love has orchestrated a grand plan to win it back for us. The Evil One who offered humankind Knowledge on a grand scale (explicit), in exchange for their partnership with him (implicit), had launched a plan of outright rebellion before humans even existed. For some reason I don't understand, God allowed this evil being to roam the Earth and deceive our first parents. But, nonetheless, God has orchestrated a program of redemption for us that is progressive, moving through the ages and eras.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The set is a depiction of the many flashes, internal parts, and effects of a central trauma from my life. Getting all of these pieces, and putting them together into a cohesive narrative has been the task of several combined years. It must have happened between February and May because that is the window every year where pieces of this come out and intense processing of the event occurs. This year I have finally put the main pieces together. There were many splits around this trauma and I have depicted some of the parts formed here. This was a way of coping with the event.