Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Scapegoat

In ancient Israel there was the custom of the scapegoat. This was a ritual where the elders of the community would select a goat and would lay their hands on its head to transfer the sins of the community onto the goat. Then the goat would be set loose into the desert, never to return carrying the sins of the community away.

This is what my community of origin and family of origin did to me. I am the only one who bears witness to the terrible crimes committed against me and others in that supposedly pristine mountain community. I was made to bear the ultimate burden of the sin of incest and made to keep silent about it all these years. In this way, I was literally made the scapegoat. And for my honesty I was cast out as unacceptable.

When the time is right, the sins of that community and that family will be exposed for all to see and they will be lifted off of me.


Vague said...

have you seen or read 'the last sin eater'? .....??? i want to watch it again, knowing now what i didn't know then.... see if anything speaks to me differently. i cant imagine how accutely it might speak - or trigger - you..... justwondering if yuou saw it?

Eliana Hephzibah said...

I did see that movie. It was awesome. I've been wanting to get a copy to own. Also the movie "I Am David". That one conveys the feeling I lived with also.