Monday, March 29, 2010

Emerging From Underneath

This set came from a dream I had recently. In the dream, I was beside a leafy tree underneath which there was an area of bare dirt. On the dirt were all of these earthworms of various sizes. Some of them were very huge, for worms. There were so many I was panicking and trying not to step on them. Some were above ground and some were coming up from underground. Some were trying to go back underground and I was frantically trying to help them by breaking up the soil and digging little holes with my hands.

I don't think the dream is hard to interpret at all. Most likely, the worms represent sexual abuse by men. The fact that some were on the surface and some were coming up were representative of the memories which have already surfaced and been worked with and have largely lost their power. I think the bigger the worm, the more of a threat the memory it represents is perceived to be by me. Also, it is telling me that there are things that are emerging to the surface that I don't want to know or deal with and so I am trying to "rebury" them.

And all of this action is happening under the shelter of a leafy tree. Maybe this symbolizes growth and life and also that the worms are originally around the roots of the tree but are now emerging onto the surface, as in going from the subconscious to the conscious mind.


Exhale said...

Wow...this is very encouraging, it means healing is happening at deeper levels of your system. I see more and more on my journey that healing comes from the inside out and your dream portrays that...thanks for sharing.
Ps love the collage two

Anonymous said...

I will pray to the Lord for your healing. Your progress shows that He is involved in your life and regards you highly. He is not done yet and yes it will take time to heal. But remember that He defeated evil on that cross so He is the only one who can free you from what you going through in order to be able to help others who are victims as well. God bless you.