Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hollywood MK Deception #1

From the author/compiler of the video series:

"Compilation video of an assortment of images from occult Hollywood. Hollywood itself is based upon the wood of a Holly tree used for magical/ritualistic purposes and is said to have the ability to hypnotize, mezmorize an entrance viewers. This is an expose on the "stars" that are really from highly abusive backgrounds and multigenerational incestuous families later sold into slavery. Project Monarch is that slavery that binds the minds of actors/actresses/ musicians and other public personages in order to instill ideas within the populace."

There are twelve videos in the series and there is some good info there. I say there is good info in terms of general awareness. I don't think anyone can "prove" that these Hollywood people are indeed programmed. I confess I have not made a thorough study of it.

I can testify to the reality of color and jewel programming, since it has been placed within my own systems, and those of many other RA/MC survivors I know of personally. I have found that the significance of the colors often varies from group to group, region to region. Each survivor has to find out how it applies to them personally. This info is only a general guide.

For a menu of all of the videos in the series click here.

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Esoteric K said...

Hello there! I wanted to thank you kindly for offering a link to the videos regarding the Hollywood Mind Control issue. It's a difficult topic to get your mind around unless you can either see whats hidden in plain sight or suspected that something was "off" in the land of Hollywood. I see that you experienced some form of programming, thank you for sharing that also. There are 2 more videos posted since this entry and they are available for your viewing. I'm looking into the "Blue Fairy" concept that continues to appear in these films such as AI (which is a film based on robotic existence of a robot child. It is replete with Monarch ideals - and the child featured, Haley Joel Osmet (OZ)doesn't blink ONCE throughout the entire film. If you haven't seen it, check it out when you have a moment.

Thanks again for your assistance and my prayers are sent toward your full recovery!