Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dark Ones

This is a depiction of the first time I knowingly made contact with my internal cult created alter systems and associated internal landscape.

The woman in the collage is a representation of Becky, whose name was later changed to Rebecca. She called herself a "system liason". A kind of forward ambassador whose mission was to break through to me and start to make me aware of my true history that was split off from my awareness.

I met her in this internal library that looked like the one in the collage. She was actually sitting in the chair but I couldn't find the right image for the collage.

When I heard the words at that time, "The Dark Ones" I was filled with dread and anger that there was a whole terrible level of abuse that I was unaware of. I had been already dealing with memories of sexual abuse within the family for many years.

This suggested something far more sinister was at play here. How terribly right that was.


Shamai said...

Boy, can I relate to that! Things just kept getting worse. I thought being beaten and neglected as a child was bad, and then I remembered the sexual abuse, and thought, 'nothing could be worse than this,' and then the cult memories started to surface. I guess one can say that we wouldn't be whole today if all this hadn't come to the surface!

Eliana Hephzibah said...


I am so sorry you have this horrible background as well, but selfishly glad that I am "normal" in this respect. Peeling the Onion my friend.