Monday, March 30, 2009

Guest Collage Showcase: Wolves in the House

Today I am featuring a collage and accompanying comments from a fellow ritual abuse survivor. I wanted to showcase this collage because it speaks to something that is very important for people to know, especially churchgoing people. I can attest to the fact that what LJ Homesteader testifies to is happening. I can attest to it because I was once involved in the orchestration of infiltration of the Christian church by occult groups.

Wolves in the House
Wolves in the House - by LJHomesteader on

Most people may think the concept of cunning evil people sneaking into a Church presenting themselves as good would be like a tall tale best read to children before tucking them in. (Or perhaps not, if the child was very sensitive!) But the truth is, this is exactly what happened to our church....

In the early 1980's, our Church was having tremendous revival. So much so, that there needed to be a larger building constructed to accommodate the congregation plus all the new converts who came in.

But....not all who began attending were truly new converts. A small group of occultists were sent into our Church, with the intent to destroy it.

Terrible problems developed within a few short years, and our church was ripped to shreds. People scattered and some were destroyed. The pastor lost his position and moved away. No one seemed to know what had really happened.

It took many years for the truth to begin to come out through a miracle of God....We discovered who some of the "wolves in sheep's clothing" had been, and what they had really done right under our noses. Even the pastor hadn't been aware of what was happening to give warning.

One of the primary abusers, who later became a High Priest in a satanic group, had been busy molesting and raping who knows how many children in the bathrooms, sanctuary, parking lot, etc of the church. He was also training them in occultism, and trying to keep them from ever becoming true Christians as they grew older.

The children were especially targeted. Of those whom the abuser brought to church in his car on Sunday mornings, several were later convicted of charges such as kidnapping and murder. These victimized boys grew up and took their inner/hidden rage out on innocent women by killing them. One boy, who was the abuser's "little brother" for years, also was serving a prison sentence last we heard for various serious offenses.

Not just children were gone after, but the primary abuser even taught the New Convert's class at church. I wonder what he was really teaching them....

If this collage picture looks gruesome and disturbing, it's *nothing* to the truth of what those poor little children endured. Even adults were victimized by these people. The lambs and sheep were often ripped to shreds mercilessly.

The reason i put so many church buildings into this collage is because i have discovered that our church was and is far from the only one. This scenario has been happening all over the country. It doesn't matter what denomination the church is, it can be targeted by people so evil that the average person cannot wrap their mind around the full scope of it. Christians cannot comprehend that there are those who see themselves as soldiers & spies, and who have it in their hearts to do battle against them, their families, and their houses of worship.

People must be aware of this in order to protect themselves and their children. Not everyone who puts on the gentle face of a sheep is what they appear. Don't go by appearance or even what is said. The face can be extremely attractive, and the mannerisms beguiling Even children can be drawn to perpetrators such as this, because of the cunning seduction and attention. The secret "wolf" can have sharper teeth and claws than can be imagined. Not just innocence can be destroyed, but lives. For good reason, the Bible warns to watch out for "wolves in sheep's clothing".

The good news is that these people will not win the "war". They may seem to win a battle or two, but they will lose in the end. The real Lamb who takes away sin and evil is the victor. All their secrets will be exposed, and if their victims pray, they will be delivered and set free.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming forward and speaking the truth. We know this is going on and only conscious awareness will stop this abuse.

WarriorBride said...

Our church was infiltrated several years ago. Another survivor and I became aware of what they were doing and shared it with our pastor. A huge spiritual battle ensued, until the enemy could no longer stand to be there. However, even after "officially" leaving the church (and taking several others with them)they continued to get in and perform their rituals until the Lord revealed it to us and we had the locks changed. Thanks for sharing what really does happen.

WarriorBride said...

Thank you for sharing what truly does happen. The same type of thing happened in our church several years ago. Praise God, He did not allow the enemy to win that particular battle. Although we lost some members, we are still viable and working for the Kingdom.