Monday, March 30, 2009

Guest Collage Showcase: Wolves in the House

Today I am featuring a collage and accompanying comments from a fellow ritual abuse survivor. I wanted to showcase this collage because it speaks to something that is very important for people to know, especially churchgoing people. I can attest to the fact that what LJ Homesteader testifies to is happening. I can attest to it because I was once involved in the orchestration of infiltration of the Christian church by occult groups.

Wolves in the House
Wolves in the House - by LJHomesteader on

Most people may think the concept of cunning evil people sneaking into a Church presenting themselves as good would be like a tall tale best read to children before tucking them in. (Or perhaps not, if the child was very sensitive!) But the truth is, this is exactly what happened to our church....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ancient Celtic Faith

Ancient Celtic Faith
Ancient Celtic Faith - by ElianaHephzibah on

I look back today to all of the Celtic Saints who went before and brought Christ to the Celtic peoples. They are my heritage, and their faith is my heritage. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Government Exploitation

Government Exploitation
Government Exploitation - by ElianaHephzibah on

How dare a government exploit it's civilians and pose as rescuers. The skeletons are bursting out of the closet.

But we are free.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Safe and Sound: A Video Letter To My Sister

When one speaks up about having been abused, the family system often exiles that member. This is what happened to me and as such I was deprived of the "normal" ways that people grieve, socially. I did not have a last visit or conversation with my dying father, nor will I attend the funeral. In truth, the only thing there is to grieve is that which I never had.... a healthy relationship with a father who cherishes you for who you are and basic safety. I am glad to stand up for truth and I forgive my sister for her choice not to do that all of these years. This video is my expression of this forgiveness.