Monday, November 26, 2007

When The Psychiatric Cure Is The Disease

When the Psychiatric Cure Is the Disease

A therapy long used to dredge up painful and buried memories might itself traumatize patients and require more treatment to deal with the consequences, write psychology professors Scott O. Lilienfeld and Kelly Lambert in Scientific American Mind. Recovered-memory therapy has come under increasing fire over the past decade and is being used less and less. Its reputation has fallen along with that of the condition it has been most used to treat: multiple-personality disorder—popularized by the early 1970s book and television movie “Sybil.”
depressionThe aim of recovered-memory therapy is to remind people of past traumas, often childhood sexual abuse, using techniques such as hypnotherapy, medication, re-enactments of traumatic moments and isolation from family. In the 1990s, studies suggested such intrusive methods were giving patients memories and multiple personalities that didn’t exist before. (The American Psychiatric Association has dropped multiple-personality disorder as a diagnostic category, replacing it with a slightly different designation known as dissociative-identity disorder.)...... read the rest of the article and the following discussion here.

I point out this article not because I agree with its content. I do not, but the discussion following the article is what is especially worth noting and reading. As a survivor of ritual abuse/mind control, I have never seen an intelligent discussion about this controversial topic in a public mainstream forum and I absolutely applaud the overwhelming response from both responsible, hard working, cutting edge therapists, and survivors of extreme abuse, alike. It is high time this skeleton came out of the closet for open and honest debate.