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The Variegated World of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Ritual Abuse

I have had many a discussion with people who are confused about how someone could seem to be a good and nice person, who may be a Christian, even leading worship or pastoring a church; but also be leading a double life, and in the shadows working for Lucifer/Satan, and his counterfeit body on earth. How can both exist in one person? There are many ways that this is possible.

There are also those who have learned about this phenomena, and whose hearts have been wrenched for the terror and pain that ritual abuse survivors go through, and who are trying to help. Unfortunately, there are few who will listen and believe. And of those that do, a large percentage of them wind up being not much help, or re-traumatizing survivors. I don't think they have bad intentions, but there are other hindrances. Below, I list the categories that I find helpers or counselors falling into, roughly. Then I list the categories of people who are involved with the occult, at the high levels, that I have observed, and a brief description:


1. Crippled Servants
Regular, non-cult Christians and others who desire to minister to the survivor community, who have their own regular woundedness that they are trying to "work out" through relationships or ministry, but won't "work through", to be in a healthy place, where they can actually consistently help people and breathe life into them.

2. Deficient Helpers
These are people who want to minister to survivors in some fashion. They are often strongly committed to an incomplete understanding of how to help someone from this background. They may be secular, and committed to some type of psychological methodology, or they may be Christians, who understand some of the spiritual dynamics involved with this population, but lack knowledge of the psychological dissociative dynamics. One group may believe that enough of the right kind of therapy is enough, where the other believes that thorough deliverance will set the person free. Some in this category may advocate some new type of "pop" psychology, or "fad" spiritual approaches.

Often what clearly marks people who fit into this category is a strong commitment to "the right way" to inner healing or deliverance, and are not very open to new ways of thinking. They are not good at integrating the many good streams of methodologies out there, to be able to help the person in a complete and well-rounded way.

3. Lifegivers

Christians and others who have worked through their issues, or who take appropriate responsibility for doing so when they come up. These people are very Spirit led, and called to ministry to the survivor community in some capacity. They are following a call by God in the right time and place. They genuinely minister life to everyone they touch.

Cult Members and Exiting Survivors:

1. Programmed, Intact, Covert Cultists (PICC)
These are people at varying levels of programming and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), along a continuum. They have no knowledge that they are DID or cult involved. They are the ones who in actuality live a double life that they are unaware of. They could be genuine, well-intentioned Christians or others in their host selves, but they are under complete control under the surface, so their back "cult" alters project through to complete cult assignments.

2. Consciously Practicing Cultists
These are non-programmed persons, who are generally held captive and controlled through occult doctrine and practice, contracts, and spiritual entities. They know what they are doing, and act deceptively to further the goals of their particular niche group. They may be practicing rituals, or witchcraft on one or both levels. ** First or second ring involvement, or both.

Programmed DID Survivors
These are people who know they are DID, but have no knowledge of the programming or the RA (Ritual Abuse) or the cult activity. Their activities are exactly the same as group 1.

4. Programmed DID/RA Illuminati Survivors

These persons may know they are DID, and have varying levels of awareness of the RA and programming. By and large, they sincerely believe that the RA ended "somewhere, sometime", but they don't know the story of how or why, or when it ended. The activities of these folks are usually in the group 1 category. These people are often deployed by the cult to be "recycled perpetrators". The cult usually employs them to be used to access, reconnoiter, and or lure other survivors into cult "dragnets". You find these folks woven into ministries to survivors, and often leading online groups for survivors. They will be at varying degrees of ritual cult activity. People whose group affiliation is primarily Illuminati, especially bloodliners, will most certainly fall into this category.

Until these folks physically separate themselves from possibility of access, and have enough time to work at breaking down the programming, getting past it, and addressing core level issues and identities, they cannot be considered free of cult control. The cult will use them as much, as often, and as long as they possibly can. During this time, the cult will do everything it can to bring the survivor back under complete control.

5. Programmed Sleepers

These are people whose family group orientation is primarily some other group who practices varying levels of programming and RA. (ex. Masons, Mormons, Scientology, Rosicrucians, Mafia, illegal porn or other crime rings, Satanists, Witch Covens, assorted cults and occult groups with goals to control others) Families in these groups, who are part of second ring activities** often employ Illuminati programmers to program their children so that the children can be controlled, and have no memory of illegal activities. Cult activity in the programmed children usually stops if the person leaves the family group for some reason. However, the Illuminati "sells" its programming services because they are the best, and they have access to government, academic and/or medical facilities. They do specifically program the children to fit their home group, but they serve the NWO (New World Order) agenda primarily, and have as a goal to control everything and everybody. Because they serve "The Agenda" over all, they install secret systems that the home group and family know nothing about, with codes known only to the programmers. They have various kinds of lower level internal programs which lie dormant until such time as the Illuminati programmers want to activate them in order to utilize the individual .

These people could be at any level of awareness and cult activity. Their systems could be still dormant, or they could be active and not know it. It depends on what kind of programming the Illuminati installed, which depends on the aptitude, and the dissociative level of the child.

6. MIMC (Military Intelligence Mind Controlled) Programmed Operatives

These are people who were targeted either in childhood or early adulthood whose family background may or may not be one of generational Satanism/Luciferianism. Their families are either part of the intelligence community or some part of the military community. They are selected because of their dissociative abilities and because they show certain aptitudes. They are given specific programming so that they can be used in various covert or black ops. Young adults are sometimes selected for programming from within regular military units, but most often from the elite, special units. They are deployed for specific operations, usually by the corrupt and treacherous elements within the government. Illuminati members within the government, who have usually helped in the programming, may also use them. They could also fall into groups 1 or 5.
It is important to distinguish between the vast majority of military and government personnel who are honest people and want good things for the country. But this system has been infiltrated, similar to the way other groups are, and a first ring/second ring system is set up, similar to the type described in my article "There is More Than Meets The Eye: The Two Levels of Occult Involvement.
The big difference would be that the selection and initiation process that I describe for occult groups, would be different for people selected out of the government to know about and help with these types of nefarious activities.
*One huge caution*- If someone discovers internal programming, or memories from an "ancillary" group early on in their recovery process, they need to look deeper. There could be sleeper systems, or the MIMC programming could be a shield hiding the person’s primary Illuminati group affiliation. This also holds true for any RA survivor. Usually the involvement with the "ancillary" group will show up first. For instance, someone with family involvement and RA within say, Mormonism, could at a deeper level be primarily Illuminati. They could be tricked into thinking that as an adult, since they are no longer a member of the Mormon Church, they are no longer cult active or accessible.

7. DID/RA Inactive Survivors

This group of people is in varying levels of deprogramming, healing, resolution, and integration. Either their RA and cult activity did end sometime in the past, since they were primarily from an ancillary group, or they have taken the steps necessary to keep themselves inaccessible to the cult and have been working steadily on recovery. They will also be at varying levels of accessibility and/or cult activity, depending on their particular background and present circumstances. If accesses or attendance of rituals occurs with this group, it is usually not on a regular basis, but when the survivor is vulnerable or lax in security. They may not even be "trusted" to be brought to rituals if there is any question of "loose" programming where the host is able to gain memories of the rituals. The cult will usually not risk this. The goal of the cult would be to "punish" the survivor or "make an example" of them if they are given the chance, or to surround the survivor with relationships with the goal to reprogram them, interfere with their recovery process, intimidate or harass them, or watch them to track their progress to learn how to counter healing strategies in their programming strategies. They usually keep trying to access the survivor’s parts "offline" (host is amnestic to it) To keep the reporting programming functional, which is their most important asset and link to control over the person. As long as this is there, they can rebuild the cult bridges and relationships, and place parts in double binds, or lure them into traps.

8. Recovered and Integrated former DID and/or RA persons

I believe this group is a very small percentage, and of those who claim this status for themselves, only a fraction of those is this actually true of. Generally speaking, if a cult member discovers the DID, the goal of the cult will be to sacrifice a certain group of alters and corresponding memories, and help the person integrate those into themselves, while at the same time helping them with their mental health difficulties which are causing dysfunction necessitating therapeutic intervention. The goal of the cult is to get the person functional, and to the point where no new alters are manifesting and no repressed/dissociated memories are returning. During this process the programmers are working behind the scenes to create a more massive, hardened wall between the host person and the back cult controlled systems, so that the person can get back to being in group 1.

9. Truly Free Whole Persons

These people have done the hard work of overcoming the programming, integrating personalities, assimilating their inside personalities' ego strength into their own, and who have reached, rescued, and set free the hidden Original Self (core identity). These are individuals who are free from outside cult control, are no longer accessible, and who can finally face and own all of their past history, and all of present and future life. They no longer have a need to live as a divided person. I think that the percentage of survivors who have genuinely made it this far is small, but with good methods of healing and resolution circulating around and being taught, this group is getting larger, and will continue to grow by the grace of God Almighty.

May he set the captives free, and may he call more workers to service in this particular vineyard. There is a great potential harvest to be had here, if only people would be willing to cultivate and grow the plants.
**See the post: There Is More There Than Meets The Eye-- The Two Levels of Occult Involvement.
If there is confusion with any of the above concepts or terminology, please see these two helpful articles:

Glossary of DID/RA Terminology


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Excellent information. You can guarantee I will be reading more of your work.

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I grew up in a quasi-christian cult. I left at age 20 but drank heavily for several years and even tried suicide and did not know why I wanted to kill myself. I am now mostly functional but still believe I need more healing. How did you do it?
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