Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye--The Two Levels Of Occult Involvement

Most organizations that practice some form of Occultism or Neo-Paganism; and Fraternal Societies, as well as some segments of other religions, consist of two rings of involvement. If the group emphasizes graduating up through higher levels, and involves any level of required secrecy, it will most likely have the two ring system, generally speaking.

The First Ring

The first ring is the public ring. This is the group that is publicly advertised, and where almost any interested individual is welcome to participate or join. At this level people will study, take part in legal group activities, including rituals of a "benign" nature, if it is that kind of group. They will be mentored and their progress monitored. Sometimes they will graduate through higher and higher degrees.

The Variegated World of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Ritual Abuse

I have had many a discussion with people who are confused about how someone could seem to be a good and nice person, who may be a Christian, even leading worship or pastoring a church; but also be leading a double life, and in the shadows working for Lucifer/Satan, and his counterfeit body on earth. How can both exist in one person? There are many ways that this is possible.

There are also those who have learned about this phenomena, and whose hearts have been wrenched for the terror and pain that ritual abuse survivors go through, and who are trying to help. Unfortunately, there are few who will listen and believe. And of those that do, a large percentage of them wind up being not much help, or re-traumatizing survivors. I don't think they have bad intentions, but there are other hindrances. Below, I list the categories that I find helpers or counselors falling into, roughly. Then I list the categories of people who are involved with the occult, at the high levels, that I have observed, and a brief description: