Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Illuminati's Biggest Secret

I have been doing extensive research online over the last 16 months on the topics of The Illuminati, ritual abuse, mind control, and the Luciferian agenda. At first, I thought that there was a plethora of information out there about all of these topics, but with time, found myself going in circles; seeing the same articles reprinted in many places, and topics confined to a certain small range of subjects. I also examined and analyzed the different personalities and backgrounds of certain well known writers and presenters on these topics. Some have maintained their integrity and their credibility, while others (and this is more often an uncomfortable majority) have demonstrated that in reality they are disinformation specialists, with marked agendas.

I have been dismayed to see the huge amount of incomplete and sometimes incorrect information out there about the Illuminati. This includes its history, and agenda. I find shockingly little about how this group functions in the average American or European community. Where is the information describing how they infiltrate whole subcultures, movements, businesses, churches, and communities as a whole? Where is the information about how they live inside and part of a community; while all the while maintaining a whole secret co-culture with their own beliefs, hierarchy, worldview, norms, and mores?

Money and elitism can get one far in this society, in terms of enabling them great control over others, if they so choose. When I first brought up the idea some months ago to my brother that I may have experienced ritual abuse while growing up, he was able to accept that I somehow fell in with and was victimized by an extreme group of "cultist crazzies". But the rift, which shut down communication totally between he and I happened when I brought up emerging memories of key players in this occultism which had occurred and most likely is still occurring in our pristine, little mountain community. The people I was remembering were all of the top business people in the community. I was horrified to find that really almost everyone with any pull or power in that town was deeply involved in occult doings. This same thing was later replayed with my sister also. This was knowledge that they, and I find, most other people just cannot accept.

I have seen a number of books and video documentaries, and radio shows entitled, "The Secrets of the Illuminati". All of them tend to regurgitate the same geo-political information over and over: Bilderbergers, CFR, UN, Masons, world bankers, and on and on ad infinitum. For all of this education out there where is the message about any constructive action that can be done? What possible effect can the average citizen have on the geo-political octopus? How much effect we even have anymore at the voting booth in this country is in serious question.

If you want to know the biggest secret of the Illuminati which is seldom found in a fully accurate form, online, is that they deliberately create Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID- formerly called MPD- Multiple Personality Disorder) and subsequent structured and highly complex mind control programming in their members from the time of birth and even further back, in utero. The idea that huge complex, coded systems of alter identities can be, and are being created in group members, and also others whom the group desires to use and control, sounds like total science fiction to many people. More fantastic still, is the fact that these cult created alter states can be called out for specific assignments and roles for which they have been highly trained, and that all of this is happening, in most cases, while the person's daytime, "host" persona, has absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE that they are really living a double life, and participating in amnesic alter states of consciousness, in things that they would find utterly repugnant if given a fair, free choice.

I recently checked out a "conspiracy" book from the local library which had this to say about mind control programming:

"How Paranoid Should You Be? 66%

"The mind control hypothesized by paranoiacs is pure science fiction but the shocking abuses of MK-ULTRA may well be real. The US ignored international conventions on torture and used similar techniques at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, and its intelligence services are operating a private airline to ferry prisoners to despotic regimes in order to circumvent US rules and oversight. Given the track record of these agencies, it is extremely plausible that prisoners are being interrogated using the dangerous drug or psychological techniques derived from the program."
Joel Levy- The Little Book Of Conspiracies. (2005)pg. 136

If those of us who have undergone this torture which is continually perpetrated as we attempt to extricate ourselves from this evil system and speak out, cannot get a serious hearing in a book about conspiracies, then where can we? This is how I spot a disinformation agent at work. The Illuminati and their bedfellows would prefer that the subject never be a topic of conversation or study at all, but if it is, they have to jump right in and control the flow of information. They are willing to cut their losses on some information, all the while working hard to keep totally secret the things they deem as crucial to keep that way. The purpose of this article is not to prove that complex mind control programming of the type that I have described is real. There are many articles and books detailing the evidence and describing how it is done. What I am discussing here comes entirely from my own personal experience.

Split brain programming is done to sequester the cult alters on one side of the brain and body, while the daytime "host" personality, and often other alter personalities which share life with the person, are sequestered on the other side of the brain and body. A huge wall of amnesia is constructed to keep the two groups totally separate, so that the host and his primary members have no knowledge of what the cult controlled systems are doing. The unfortunate person is also subjected to countless events of every kind of abuse imaginable, and set up in double bind after double bind, to force him into horrendous internal conflicts and cognitive dissonance. He is set up in situations where there is no good choice available, and one has to choose between two equally horrible alternatives. This builds the walls of dissociation between personalities higher and higher, and thicker and thicker, since the knowledge of being forced into such awful actions is intolerable to the individual, and he must isolate the experience from his normal consciousness, in order to carry on with ordinary life, or to stay sane. Here is one example from my own experience:

I have a young 7-8 yr old alter personality named Jenny, whose job it is to emerge when called for and obey whatever instructions are given. One of the ways the group patterned and reinforced this behaviour was in this experience:

We were standing outside on a sunny day. It was warm out. I had my hands tied behind my back (Jenny, actually). I don't have the memory, but from what they say, I know that I have just come out of some kind of torture, I think using electric shock, and possibly other things. We are standing in front of a small round pen. There are a bunch of kittens in the pen. One guy is standing beside and just behind me, so that he is speaking right into my ear, close. The other guy is standing next to the pen, holding a cattle prod, or some kind of tazer. It is an electrical shock device with a long handle. He's grinning sardonically. He starts to chase the kittens around the pen with the prod, shocking them. While he's doing this, the guy next to me says to Jenny, "You will speak only when spoken to. You will obey whatever command we give you when you are summoned, without hesitation. You will do exactly as you are told, and question nothing. Is that clear?" As he is saying this the torture of the kittens is getting worse when Jenny says nothing at first. She doesn't want to agree. The guy has the kittens cornered and is shocking them and they are screaming that unholy cat screeching, that is so terrible. The guy says to Jenny, "You can save them you know. All you have to do is agree, and we will free you, and them." Jenny can't stand it any more and says "OK". Then the guy goes over the directions point by point and has Jenny repeat what she was told, so that she knows exactly what she is to do, and she commits to and owns it. After she repeats and commits to everything she was told, he says, "Very good, and remember. If you fail to follow these instructions, all of this will be waiting for you. We will go through this whole thing again, until you get it." and unties her. She goes to the pen and jumps over the fence. She goes to the frightened kittens, who don't even want her to come close, but she keeps trying. She cries and cries and tries to comfort them, while the whole time, the two guys are just laughing and laughing.

So, do you want to know the "esoteric" "Secrets of the Illuminati"? I just explained the biggest one. They continually and relentlessly torture human beings of any age and gender, and systematically work to destroy any shred of humanity or soul a person has. That is who they are, and what they are up to in your community.


WarriorBride said...

The only way the Illuminati is going to be "outed" is by people just like you who tell what they know. Thank you for your courage and bravery. Stay with it. The Lord is using you in ways you don't even know.


cultwatch said...

What makes you think that you can qualify the accuracy of information in other web sites, when you haven't demonstrated an awareness of what your cult alters do on a daily basis? What you have said in your blog is not a secret online; many different web sites and authors have already illustrated in detail the reality of the Illuminati's DID and mind control- you are apparently just close-minded to much of that info.

Anonymous said...

That's what the internet is all about, publish anything, say anything. The only way we will know that what is written is true is to "know" the person who wrote it. BTW, cultwatch, I went to your blog and found it . . . empty. I guess there's no way to to qualify its accuracy. Are you aware of what your cult alters do?


WarriorBride said...

Hey cultwatch - Severina shows more chutzpah than anyone I know when it comes to this stuff. She continually puts herself on the line by publicly talking about her struggles. She always keeps going with her healing - no matter how painful or where it takes her. It's easy to be a critic when you have an empty blog. Most fellow survivors are supportive of one another. Makes me wonder what side you're on (or which of your alters posted).

deborah said...

dearest severina,
are you still there? i love you and i miss you.

Indignation said...

Thank you, Severina, for this blog and for your own life and fight in this thing. You are certainly a great example for female survivors. I think it's so neccesary for this information to get out, and I agree with you that little is said about what the Illuminati does that touches the common and routine basis- their infiltration of every strata of society, etc. No one should be worried about cultwatch or anyone opposes this site/blogspot. The cult lost from the beginning; it's only in these last days that their true position of defeat will begin to manifest. Severina, the violent ADVANCE the Kingdom forcefully. You are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you about the information being parroted and manipulated by disinformation agents. I also applaud your strength and bravery. I want to share a website that, to me , has taken the whole Illuminati thing a step above any and every other site. Its called "danofIsrael". He is a programmed multiple trying to break free and he is very informative. Check it out.

Severina said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, I have seen Dan's site, and have read most of what he has on there. I also have spoken to him over email a few times about a year ago.

Any reason why I should go there? I haven't been there for a while, so could you send me the link?


Anonymous said...

I remember something simular, except in my case the kittens had their brains blown out with a 44. I have tons of anger, but I suppose it is a process. I am angry about everything, fake life, fake dreams, fake goals, who am I? What did I want? Why was I sold out? I was a preemie, someone else paid my hospital bills.

One of my alters speaks Latin, another German. Would not have believed it if I had not seen evidence. I keep lots of secrets from myself, addresses, email accounts, strange to me.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream awhile ago; there was a painting all in grey with black swords around it and at the bottom it said "chase the illuminati" i didnt know anything about anything at the time, then i started looking.. i go into the military soon. i will try to change things.

live and die by the sword.

Eliana Hephzibah said...

Anonymous Warrior,

Fascinating dream you had. Sounds like it could be a commission to me from either heaven or from someone inside you.

I live by the sword as well, but not the earthly one. I try to live wielding the Sword of the Spirit against the great Dragon, who is Satan.

I believe that loves conquers all and evil has no understanding of it. Love is the greatest.

Anonymous said...

I too wield the sword of the spirit. I first had a dream of the sort when I was 4 years old. Some of the archangels sent me to defeat a demon, but I failed. When I was 10, however, I was trained first and then sent to eliminate the Great Serpent, and I succeded. However, I was later informed that while I wounded the Beast, I didn't truly kill it. I somehow remembered that dream. Nearly five years later, I was approached by one who called himself Llausua. He told me that my dream was no dream, and that I was to start conciously fighting as a Warrior of God. After that, my world changed. I was sent to eliminate The Seven, the chosen few of Satan who not only hold his power, but serve as the link between Hell and the physical level of dimensions and give commands to the Illuminati. Llausua told me not to do it, but God told me to. It turns out that Llausua was infuriated with Him and challenged the Lord as Satan did many eons ago. I don't know if any of the dream or the spiritual experiences were real, but I do know for certain that Llausua is a real person, for he approached me specifically in the flesh.

Anonymous said...

do you know if they have a symbol that is a key but the key handle on the top looks like a sword handle ???? and have you ever seen the all seeing eye on some sort of crown that the eye is free to rotate???

Eliana Hephzibah said...

I'm sorry. I have not seen those symnbols. The Illuminati is more of a collective of many groups with similar beliefs and agenda. Any symbol that is masonic, occult, or associated with royalty or the Roman or Nazi Empires will fall under the Illuminist symbolism category. Googling might turn up something interesting.

Anonymous said...

that would have taken alot of courage to send out a blog like that, pesonally i wouldnt have the bravery to do that, even writing this comment scares me.. but i would watch out because the illuminaties are very powerfull in what they do and they are doing everything they can to make this world evil. i have been told not to talk about this to anyone so i shell leave my comment as it is.

Eliana Hephzibah said...

The reason I am able to have the courage to speak out like this is that I look to God for my safety and provision. He has sent me to this earth to do a job and speaking out is part of that. He is the one who has the power of life and death in his hands, not any group, or groups of people regardless of their power. I live for God and I die or suffer by his will alone. I keep my eyes on Him and I don't fear. I pray for your release from fear, friend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking out. I am just learning about all this horrible stuff out there. It has to stop! God bless you and your healing journey. You have a lot of courage.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for your blog after reading all these comments something trobles me i have been investigating the illuminati sence i was like 7 and im not surewhat to think about god and satan as being different thigns i think not sure yet that god abd satan are the same thing but before you think this is a stupid thoery think about it i think god and satan are what we call good and evil i think the world has a evil side and if you chose it you are part of "satans" will and you are destine for hell or whatever comes atfer life and i think that if you do good deeds you are part of "god" and you will be destine for heaven or whatever is after this and i think the reptilians (illuminati) understand this the no about good and evil and energy and how to munipulate it they have been here for thousands of years they no what they are doign and iam pretty sure we are screwed unless there is a underground secret resetence group ready to fight when they announce themself i am sure we are done they have control of everything includeing are minds hence mind control i myself believe i was under mind contrl as a kid from my father he wasin the mafia and i beleve he was a slave for the illuminati and thats why he used to torue me and not feed me and puta probe or somethign in my leg it makes me so sick what these reptilians are doing i wish there wasa way to stop them look at everythign its all around you the food industry the medical industry its all corupt its a shame people cant see this becuase if they did we could make a different we could stop this its like Jay Z said ( not to mention big illuminati figuer) "we got the guns but they got the numbers" its true we have plunty of people all we have to do is get people readdy and willing to fight stay away from fast food and food that is not organic make sure you get out and get exersize and feel nature and make sure you dont let them suck you in we are more powerful then yo ucould amagin anythign we want we can have we are that strong all you have to do is learn how to use yoru mind and yoru energy energy is sooooooooooooooooo big people just dont understand it or believe it iam goign to stop rambling now but it anyone ever want to talk to me feel free to email me

Eliana Hephzibah said...

The belief system you describe here sounds like a form of dualism. I personally try to stay grounded in Biblical Christianity as my worldview and what you propose here would run counter to that. I believe that God is sovereign over all of creation and that Satan has the power of evil in the world because we have given it to him and we willingly participate in evil on various levels.

Clover said...

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