Sunday, October 09, 2005

On Truth And Family Legacy

This writing came out of an email reply to a survivor friend of mine, who was asking for advice about how to handle her children’s negative feelings about her decision to separate from her family of origin because of ongoing problems, stemming from years of sexual abuse that she endured at the hands of her stepfather, and her mother’s lack of protection, even though she knew about the abuse, but chose to blame the victim, which, unfortunately often happens in these sorts of families.

My Personal Passion Story

A friend and I were talking and speculating about headaches in people with DID, and various explanations for them.

As far as head phenomena is concerned; that is what brought all of this to the surface about a year ago. Last year, this time, I only knew that I was DID, and of the abuse occurring at my dad's house. Sometime in November, I think, I started to have this weird head/body thing. Its hard to explain, but it would suddenly feel like my brain was physically shifting back and forth very quickly in my skull. At the same time, I would hear inside my head, a zapping noise, sometimes, not always, and also shooting numbness/tingling down my right arm/hand. It would happen quickly, and afterwards I would feel dizzy and off balance for a little bit. When it happened over and over, I would eventually feel very dissociated/depersonalized, and nauseous.